“You have always been Silent Susi. You are now learning to be Susi Danesin”

Massimo Danesin


Silent Susi is born from the love of Susi Danesin for non-verbal theatre. Silent Susi is a project, a very personal way of experiencing the art of mime, a theatrical formula which can overcome any linguistic, cultural or temporal barrier.


It constructs a theatrical language aimed at moving both adults and children, dealing with any topic and starting from an immense wish to communicate. Silent Susi begins when words end and gestures, sounds, looks, silences help the theatre.


Silent Susi has so far created five shows and several performances:

This endeavour is recounted in this website.


Silent Susi likes travelling and speaking any language, even if she doesn’t know any.


Silent Susi likes dancing and discovering both her and other people’s rhythm.


Silent Susi likes laughing.


Silent Susi likes crunchy chips and Spike Jones’ music.


Silent Susi likes dreaming and creating confusion.


Silent Susi likes being silent.


Silent Susi likes Osvaldo Cavandoli’s line (and will perform it in a theatre soon or later).


Silent Susi likes Madley, the dog in the cartoon “The Great Race” by Blake Edwards (but will never perform it in a theatre).


Silent Susi likes the perfume of lavender.